Creating a Better Framework for Enrollment Communications

Health plans are facing dramatic change driven by market innovations, shifting consumer expectations, diverse and changing federal and state-level regulations, and disruptive technology advancements to name a few. What has not changed for many organizations, however, is the complexity of the annual member enrollment process.

For most health plans, member enrollment and ancillary activities represent an annualized cycle of planned chaos. This oxymoron has become such a common practice that many organizations freeze their other operational activities from November to Mid-January just so they can fully concentrate on the anticipated intensity and chaos of enrollment-related activities, including the massive uptick in member correspondence. This two and a half month freeze unnecessarily gives well functioning competitors effectively a 20% head start each year on addressing other important initiatives.

Break the Cycle of Planned Chaos

Thankfully, there are multiple steps health plans can take to tame chaos. Download our white paper, Taming the Chaos: Creating a Better Framework for Enrollment Communications, to learn the essential initiatives health plans can take to realize significant savings in time and resources while exponentially increasing member satisfaction and regulatory compliance.


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