Other Valuable Outsourced Services

Document scanning/digitization, returned mail processing, inbound mail processing, outbound communication composition, lockbox services, payment processing and more. Along with our core services, we provide clients several complementary services to extend the efficiencies and value of our solutions.

Document Imaging and Hosting

A natural extension of our Critical Documents and eDocuments & Payments services includes document imaging and hosting solutions. Documents that are created by MPX, our clients, their customers, or other third parties are digitized and made available for viewing from within our electronic document portals. This may include:

  • Returned or undeliverable mail scanning and reporting
  • Physical documents from storage that need to be digitized and archived
  • Ordinary inbound mail handling, categorization, and digitization
  • Response handling and reporting (i.e. hand-written feedback or survey responses)

Revenue Cycle Management

As part of a complete revenue cycle management system, we offer lock box payment processing services to our Critical Document clients. Combining the receipt of check payments with the initial processing of billing data provides a unique advantage for MPX clients. When payments are received without the corresponding remittance stub, typically, other lock box providers will treat these payments as exceptions, which are manually processed at a higher cost. However, as the bill processor, MPX is also handling the billing data, and therefore these exceptions are typically processed without manual intervention – thus dramatically reducing the cost of exception payment processing.