Happy customers, reduced costs and less headaches.

The Results Speak for Themselves

At MPX, along with our partner Gravity Payments, we only launch new products after first proving the concept and value. We partnered with an experienced industry client to test, perfect, and measure a reinvented customer experience. Here is a sample of results:

  • 40% of customers used automated price program and budget enrollment in their first season
  • Call volume decreased by 30%, crucially important since the average time for enrollment calls is 15 minutes
  • Integration to the back-office system automates program setup, eliminating CSRs doing data entry
  • Most importantly, the feedback from consumers has been universally positive

The Right Features to Inspire Repeat Use and Growth

  • Budget Enrollment:
    • Fully automated, easy steps, guided pop-ups to answer FAQs
    • Full history for existing customers
    • Dynamic payment calculator that updates with any changes
  • Price Program Enrollment:
    • Fully automated, explains all options in detail, reinforces the value of price protection
    • Step-by-step process for customers eliminates the need for phone calls to CSRs
    • Creates contract instantly

The Essentials, Elevated

  • Text Alerts:
    • Delivery and service automated reminders
    • Payment confirmations, statement and invoice available
    • Service tech arrival status
  • Account Management and Payments:
    • Fuel and service orders
    • Convenient payment options include one time, recurring, scheduled and even text-to-pay
  • Integrated Documents:
    • What goes in the mail is viewable in the portal, easing confusion
    • Reduced mailings and increased trust in digital communications
    • One vendor to manage all your billing, collections and payments

Hedging and Risk Management

  • Simple powerful tools without the unused, overblown complexity found in other systems
  • Compile all program sales, analyze gallons over/short, manage margins
  • Track physical and financial hedges

Why Automating Budgets and Price Program Enrollment Really Matters

Online budget and price program enrollment has failed to gain adoption throughout the industry. That's because the sign-up process in most portals is too complicated for the customer which leads to frustration and a phone call into your office.

These calls are some of the longest your CSRs handle, often eclipsing 15 minutes. With thousands of customers hitting your phones in a relatively short period, this can be expensive and resource draining.

Automating these processes will save you time, money and frustration. Plus your customers will appreciate the ability to manage this process on their own, because the last thing most want to do is pick up a telephone!

Our aim was to design screens and prompts to make it as easy as possible for customers to navigate without help. An intuitive workflow, dynamic payment calculators, and educational pop-ups guide the way.

The result for our customers is an adoption rate 4 to 5 times that of the industry average, while simultaneously reducing your call load and increasing customer satisfaction.

Hedging Management 101: Exactly What You Need

Any portal that handles price program enrollments must also have a hedging module. It is the best way for dealers to manage price risk in real time, trigger physical and financial buys, and assess their over/short as program roll out occurs.

But current hedging modules in the industry require a PhD in commodity trading to fully utilize. Most dealers never touch a majority of these overly complex features. And far too often, dealers move hedging management offline into a satellite spreadsheet to simplify the process.

This was unacceptable to us in an era of innovative technology that still promises to be "easy to use." So we set out to build a feature-rich hedging module that handles all the essentials and yet can still be learned quickly and easily.

Our class-leading solution, accessible to everyone will:

  • Track all sales at multiple price points
  • Track by all categories: cap, fix and budget combinations
  • Capture cap fees
  • Display committed gallons on customized heat curves
  • Provide views and alerts for gallons over/short
  • Match physical and financial hedges using a strike price ladder
  • Project future margins
  • Provide full reporting capabilities 

For more information on our retail energy portal, please contact us today.