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Why Choose InsureLinq?

With InsureLinq, MPX offers you a strategic business advantage given the issues facing Property & Casualty carriers.

National Competition vs. the Combined Strength of Carriers & Agents

Strong national competition and advertising must be offset by the personal attention, communications, and combined strengths of carriers and agents.

Loss Ratio Pressure

As carriers exit the pandemic, the frequency and severity of claims is increasing.  Supply chain issues and inflationary pressure on repair parts and building materials also increase claim settlement costs.

Expense Management

While service excellence is as important as ever in the face of competition, inflationary influence on staff cost, equipment costs, marketing, postage, and under-utilized real estate put increasing pressure on expenses.

Ingenuity and Problem Solving

The already Identified, and yet to surface, industry and local pressures call for ingenuity and problem solving.  The combination of ever-evolving technology and committed problem solving is the solution.  Collaboration between carriers, brokers, and highly effective partners can be even more powerful to ensure success and winning together.

The Changing Consumer

The digital age with online carriers and heavy advertising has intensified insurance consumer shopping.  Consumer expectations are high, as is the need for carriers and agents to deliver ease and thoughtful communications.  Regulations continue to require annual policy delivery, and the frequency of billing has shifted to shorter intervals.  Whether these communications are sent digitally or traditionally, they are opportunities to inspire loyalty.

The Changing Workplace

The shift to at-home work driven by the pandemic has fundamentally changed the traditional office-based model, and the expectation of today’s workforce.  While some positions can easily enable work from home, other roles and functions necessitate altered infrastructure and controls.  Outsourcing those functions can positively impact staffing, expense management, and efficiency.

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