Evolutionary Culture for Creating Next Level Solutions

While we have always ensured our clients have communicated effectively with their customers, the tools and technology used to accomplish this have changed frequently in our 75+ year history. At our core, we focus on quality, highly responsive service, and investing in the right people and the right technology. We also know that it is essential to continually evaluate and evolve the platforms and tools we use to enable our clients to compete and forever enhance the customer experience they are delivering. At MPX, we are always looking forward, though never forgetting what our history has told us — to assemble the brightest team, equip them with the best tools, take great care of our clients, and, above all, always continue to evolve.

We are investors. In infrastructure, technology, our team, our community, and most importantly, our clients. We are privately held and profitable, with a laser focus on creating wins for our clients

We are curious. We want to know your business so we can solve worthwhile business problems with you.

We are nimble. We reserve a portion of our programming team’s capacity for the unknown problems and opportunities that invariably arise with our clients. We’re generally far more nimble than even your own IT team, able to respond to rapidly changing market conditions as quickly as your customers demand.

We are selective in everything, including our clients. We add fewer than 10 new clients each year so that we can focus on providing the quality solutions each deserves.