What is HealthLinq®?

HealthLinq® is a flexible, scalable, and complete communications solution for Healthcare Insurance that is delivered with unparalleled expertise and backed by a legacy of quality. A full suite of comprehensive communications solutions, HealthLinq® elevates member and provider interactions to nothing less than world class, by combining state-of-the-art technology with hands-on expertise in communications, design, security, and bidirectional data integration.

The HealthLinq® Solution

Our unique, cloud-based delivery model is big enough to provide the sophisticated solutions you need, yet our company is incredibly nimble to provide the flexible, hands-on attention you deserve to meet all of your inbound and outbound communications needs.

Inbound and Outbound Communications Management Customized to Fit Your Needs

From sending EOBs, welcome kits, ID cards, and ad hoc letters to processing and managing your inbound mail, claims and payments, HealthLinq® lets you manage all of your customer communications from one, central location— simply, easily, efficiently, and more effectively than ever before.

Leverage Our Expertise in Data Management and Design for Timely, Efficient Delivery

With over 75 years of experience in print production, design, and fulfillment, we will make the most of every customer communication, saving you time and money while increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing member service calls. 

We will help choose the right communication, for the right audience, delivered at the right time, using the right medium. Every choice is carefully considered to optimize every contact with your customer for efficiency, value and satisfaction.

HealthLinq® Cloud Technology Platform

A comprehensive platform with 24/7/365 on-demand access to all member communications, HealthLinq® ensures that you’ll always have full access to all of your communications assets any time, anywhere.

HealthLinq® is Your Complete Communications Solution

HealthLinq® combines modern cloud-based technology with hands-on expertise to create an unmatched solution for all of your inbound and outbound communications.

This complete solution, or Correspondence Hub consists of a:

Digital Mailroom. A single, unified interface to manage inbound mail, inbound health claims, inbound payments, as well as templates and brand assets.

Rendering Engine. Document composition, rendering and design expertise. Build custom communication from scratch or clone or modify existing documents and templates.

Collateral Manager. Ad hoc communications portal for daily one-to-one correspondence with members and providers, expertly balancing branding and messaging controls with variable content flexibility.

Command Center. A comprehensive set of staff tools overseen by a dedicated project manager to run your plans, including mail dates, compliance requirements, and work-in-progress oversight. All audited, automated, and with a one day Service-Level-Agreement (SLA).

See HealthLinq® In Action

Learn more about how HealthLinq® is helping health payers increase member and provider satisfaction, save money and improve operations using our unique, cloud-based solutions.