We Manage Differently than Others

MPX manages fulfillment programs very differently than others. Before describing how we are different, here are examples of projects:

  • One centralized portal to manage all branch, satellite offices, or retail outlet supplies and print materials. We source wisely, carefully manage brand standards, thoughtfully determine when to warehouse or print-on-demand, and much more.
  • Managing the distribution of important materials such as sales collateral, welcome kits, or products such as modems, or tank monitors.

Complete Solutions for All Involved

We’re different because our solutions are complete. Our fulfillment solutions incorporate the right considerations for all stakeholders. Here are examples:

  • Like you, we are business people. We seek understanding of all business implications and solve accordingly. Ordering portals will be customized and streamlined specifically for you and the community you serve.
  • Accounting will be pleased with our solutions. No duplicate entries, thoughtful integration with your budget and general ledger. Inventory controls including not wasting your money by storing items that aren’t moving. We’re going to let you know and ask for action, repeatedly if necessary. Receiving will be properly controlled, yet with far less paperwork and easier than ever.
  • Technology will be wisely employed. We use common sense, business sense and programming to eliminate steps that should have been bypassed years ago, but never were because technology and programming resources at most organizations are thin.
  • Our experienced implementation team is impassioned with efficiency and has the technical talent and tools to make it happen with minimal commitment from client IT resources.

Please talk to us today. You know there is a better way. You don’t have the staff to get it done internally. Until now, you’ve been uncomfortable changing vendors or outsourcing your fulfillment projects because you haven’t found a partner who can do it right. Now you have. Let us listen. Let us collaborate with you and your team. Count on us for a complete solution. Additionally, we’re going to save you money, guaranteed.