Custom Designed, Fully Integrated, Secure Cloud-Based Solution for Financial Services Communications

We believe communications is the fulcrum for customer and member loyalty.  We question the status quo to evolve day-to-day recurring correspondence to improve impact, cost, loyalty, and growth.  Over 80 years of deep experience and innovation with outbound, inbound, print, digital, payments, and data integration to bring ease and efficiency for customers, members, and staff.

Why Choose FinanceLinq Given the Issues Facing Financial Services Organizations

The Changing Customer & Changing Purpose of Monthly Statements

Ongoing comfort with online and mobile services, and how customers and members interact with their financial institutions has changed dramatically. With FinanceLinq we’ve kept statements highly relevant with our innovative full window envelopes which exposes the recipient to your smartly targeted marketing even if the statement itself is less important. Fewer visits to your branches results in your recurring correspondence having more influence on loyalty and satisfaction. Many everyday transactions are now self-serve in nature, though consumer expectations are higher than ever when it comes to speed, clarity, and quality. Their perception of your organization is directly related to your recurring communications and how easy you make it for them to do business with you. Keeping them off the phone is a win for your customers, for your call center, and for the loyalty you’ll earn


Expense Pressure

Notices Can and Should Also be Outsourced

Fulfillment organizations welcome large statement runs, though often avoid helping their financial institutions outsource notices with smaller runs and uneven frequency. With our FinanceLinq platform, we have a solution for and are committed to helping you successfully outsource your notices.  This frees up your staff and equipment funds for other priorities.


The Changing Workplace

The shift to at-home work driven by the pandemic has fundamentally changed the traditional office-based model, and the expectation of today’s workforce.  While some positions can easily work from home, other roles and functions necessitate altered infrastructure and controls.  Outsourcing those functions can positively impact staffing, expense management, and efficiency.


Ingenuity and Problem Solving

The already identified, and yet to surface, industry and local pressures call for ingenuity and problem solving.  The combination of ever-evolving technology and committed problem solving is the solution. Collaborative and highly effective problem solving is available with the right partners as they become extensions of your internal team.

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