Custom Design & Integration Services

With over 75 years of experience in print production, design, and fulfillment, we make the most of every customer communication, saving you time and money while increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing member service calls. 

At HealthLinqTM , we help choose the right communication, for the right audience, delivered at the right time, using the right medium. Every choice is carefully considered to optimize every contact with your customer for efficiency, value and satisfaction.


Sophisticated, Bi-Directional API Integration

From the very beginning, we work in concert with you in a guided configuration and testing of your unique business rules and operational requirements to ensure that we’re meeting your needs implicitly. Our data integration team will use the bi-directional data integration best suited to meet your needs to ensure the fastest, most secure and most accurate data transfers.

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Taming the Chaos: Creating a Better Framework for Enrollment Communications

For most health plans, member enrollment and ancillary activities represent an annualized cycle of planned chaos. Learn about the essential initiatives health plans can take to realize significant savings in time and resources while exponentially increasing member satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

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