Webinar: Perils of the Open Enrollment Period

Open enrollment is an exciting and often, chaotic time. This is your chance to connect and educate members, to inspire loyalty, but it’s also filled with many opportunities to create or tame the related chaos. In this webinar, we’ll cover the many potential pitfalls, how to avoid them, and how to take advantage of this high-touch opportunity to create loyal, long-term members.  Read more >>

Aligning multiple data sources and vendors to transform member communications

For most health insurance companies, there's nothing simple about the process of executing essential member communications. When variable data is generated by multiple technology providers and shared with multiple fulfillment vendors – possibly one for cards, EOBs, EOPs, another for welcome literature, and even another for invoices - it is difficult to determine where to start to make changes without risking disruption. Dealing with multiple choke points and the delays they can cause is frustrating, but many health insurance companies are tolerating them out of fear of causing even bigger disruptions in their attempts to reform and simplify the process. As a result, the status quo is maintained, and mediocrity is tolerated. Read more >>

Online Customer Portal ROI: A Look Behind the Numbers

Online self-service is an absolute consumer expectation in the "I can Google that" era. Yet many dealers make the mistake of thinking that taking online payments is all they need to do. Unfortunately, this falls far short of what your customers really want. They demand the ability to do everything themselves without needing to call you for help. That means your portal must literally perform like a virtual CSR. Read more >>

How Enrollment Kit Deconstruction Can Unlock Huge Postage Savings

At MPX, we believe in balancing industry best practices and our decades of experience with a relentless drive for improvement. One way we deliver value for our clients is by consolidating the disparate components of their enrollment packages to deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings. Despite the regular success we deliver through consolidation, it's not always the right solution as we recently discovered for one of our clients. Read more >>

Members and Staff Want the Same Thing

More answers. Less frustration. It's a simple formula for member satisfaction and employee retention that's exceedingly difficult to deliver. In an age where Amazon has set the standard for convenience and self-serve freedom, health insurance providers and TPA's have to up their games. That means organizing the mass of information for your individual plans and making that information easily accessible for members when they want it. Read more >>

Stop Delaying Important IT Projects… Your Customers Don’t Have the Patience

Fuel dealers often ask when things might "settle" in terms of emerging IT needs. The short answer is never. If anything, the pace of change will only accelerate. The notion of catching up should be replaced with an ongoing, constantly evolving process to ensure that you will always be in sync with important trends. Your best approach is a clear IT strategy that will help you know where to direct your investments and, more importantly, when. Read more >>

Being an MPX Customer is a Focus on Growth and Customer Ease

At MPX, we do not believe in simply selling great products and services. Our approach is to work collaboratively with customers to achieve mutual goals. We want to be integral to your success and have the proven ability to drive real results. In today’s world, those results can only be realized by engaging and servicing a demanding consumer who expects you to provide intuitive online tools and digital communication. Read more >>

MPX Retail Energy Case Study & Client Testimonial

The following case study was written by one of our retail energy clients. This is a client we've worked closely with over the past three years. When we met, we both had the goal of making a real difference in how energy consumers are served. Our client had two primary objectives influencing their priorities and decisions: 1.) Make it easy for end-customers to do business with them, and 2.) Make it easy for the customer service team to do what they come in each morning to accomplish, which is to take good care of customers. Read more >>

The Problem with Health Plan One-Off Mailings

One-off mailings are commonly viewed as a nuisance by health plans and TPAs. They’re sometimes unexpected, urgent and can create a scramble to deliver accurately and on-time. Others are rote, annual compliance mailings that come at great expense, though with little value to members. Vendors that specialize in recurring health plan communications are often reluctant to take on one-off mailings; some refuse altogether, placing even more burden on plans and TPAs. Read more >>

The Cost of Not Moving Fast Enough

In our everyday lives, when placing an order online, we expect acknowledgement right away. When paying a bill online, we expect immediate confirmation along with an updated account balance. When parking on the street and feeding a parking meter or ticket system in many towns now, you can provide your cell number and receive a text reminder 15 minutes before your time expires. Can your members and non-members alike pay their loans with you online? Can they self-serve to activate and change their autopay settings? Do they have the option to securely pay by text? Read more >>
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Displaying 11 - 20 (of 24 posts)