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At MPX, we do not believe in simply selling great products and services. Our approach is to work collaboratively with customers to achieve mutual goals. We want to be integral to your success and have the proven ability to drive real results. In today’s world, those results can only be realized by engaging and servicing a demanding consumer who expects you to provide intuitive online tools and digital communication.

World Class Customer Engagement Solutions
It's why we exist

Online Portals: Transforming the way dealers and customers communicate

The MPX portal has been thoughtfully designed to align the expectations of digital consumers with the operational realities of fuel dealers. Customers want to engage online, embrace self-service, and have communications delivered by text and email. And they want your portal to do everything a CSR can do including complex functions like automated budget and price plan enrollments as well as text alerts for delivery and service. Our portal provides a single integrated data platform to handle all of this and more.

Digital Documents

Our rendering platform is highly flexible, and our design team is well versed in energy specific document design. We’ll work with your team to determine why the phone is ringing with confused customers, why it should be ringing because of smart digital marketing… and together create documents that inspire prompt payment and brand loyalty.

Duty to Warn Integration

To save postage, DTW can readily integrate with outgoing billing documents. We keep track of who received documents during the designated DTW period and will then organize a far less expensive catch up mailing for those still in need of the safety mailing. We also can fully support a separate safety / PERC mailing with a full window option even.

Vendor Consolidation: A variety of mission critical services all under one roof

MPX is a true full-service Customer Engagement provider capable of shortening your list of vendors. Our value-add services include:

  • General print, meter tickets, direct mail, fulfillment portal
  • Merchant Processing
  • Lockbox with fewer exceptions given our unique automation to review the outgoing billing file for posting accuracy when checks arrive without a remittance stub
  • Return mail notification service

What Guides Us Partnership – we are in this together so when you win, we all win
Respect – not just in how we treat you but in how we respect what you want to achieve
On Your Side – we see our relationship from your point of view and never assume we know best
Trust – we are honest and true to our word because transparency is a cornerstone of confidence
Innovation – striving to keep our solutions ahead of dealer and customer needs during a time of accelerating change

MPX is recognized as the outright Customer Engagement leader in the energy market.

Contact us today for a full business and technology evaluation. Learn firsthand what we can contribute as your partner.