Online Customer Portal ROI: A Look Behind the Numbers

Online self-service is an absolute consumer expectation in the "I can Google that" era. Yet many dealers make the mistake of thinking that taking online payments is all they need to do. Unfortunately, this falls far short of what your customers really want. They demand the ability to do everything themselves without needing to call you for help. That means your portal must literally perform like a virtual CSR. Read more >>

Stop Delaying Important IT Projects… Your Customers Don’t Have the Patience

Fuel dealers often ask when things might "settle" in terms of emerging IT needs. The short answer is never. If anything, the pace of change will only accelerate. The notion of catching up should be replaced with an ongoing, constantly evolving process to ensure that you will always be in sync with important trends. Your best approach is a clear IT strategy that will help you know where to direct your investments and, more importantly, when. Read more >>

Being an MPX Customer is a Focus on Growth and Customer Ease

At MPX, we do not believe in simply selling great products and services. Our approach is to work collaboratively with customers to achieve mutual goals. We want to be integral to your success and have the proven ability to drive real results. In today’s world, those results can only be realized by engaging and servicing a demanding consumer who expects you to provide intuitive online tools and digital communication. Read more >>

MPX Retail Energy Case Study & Client Testimonial

The following case study was written by one of our retail energy clients. This is a client we've worked closely with over the past three years. When we met, we both had the goal of making a real difference in how energy consumers are served. Our client had two primary objectives influencing their priorities and decisions: 1.) Make it easy for end-customers to do business with them, and 2.) Make it easy for the customer service team to do what they come in each morning to accomplish, which is to take good care of customers. Read more >>
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