Fulfillment as a Core Vendor — Why Finding the Right Partner is Critical to Healthcare Payer Success

Toni Bonde has spent her entire career working in healthcare. She was Chief Operating Officer and head of IT at multiple health plans, designed and implemented business and technology solutions during more than 5 years at Change Healthcare, and is now an industry consultant. In her 25+ year career, she has worked across the entire healthcare payer spectrum as a leader with plans and vendors. She has seen the industry from all angles, giving her a unique perspective, especially when it comes to the impact of fulfillment solutions. Read more >>

Friday Health Plans — A Study in the Successful Integration of Multiple Plans and Brands

Growing pains are real, for people and companies. And when you’re a health plan that rapidly expands its business footprint from one state to four in less than a year, those pains need attention before they’re felt by members. With the help of its strategic partners, Friday Health Plans was not only able to integrate the communications operations of multiple plans into one, but vastly improved upon overall efficiency for its staff and usability for its members. Read more >>

Combining Privacy Notices With Invoices

[html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]<p>Organizations can achieve significant production and postage savings by including privacy and other notices with recurring correspondence, such as with EOBs and invoices for instance. With HealthLinq® by MPX, organizations can identify and securely combine appropriate mailings with minimal effort.</p>[/html] Read more >>
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Displaying 1 - 10 (of 25 posts)